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In the course of providing construction project management advisory services to our clients, we have identified many key issues which arise in the construction industry. Therefore, we have published articles that we believe will educate and create awareness to the construction practitioners.

  1. Does repudiation of contract allow the non-defaulting party to terminate the contract? (in the context of the construction industry) - Have you ever wondered what are the available recourses as a Contractor in the event of non-payment by the Employer?  Learn More
  2. Compliance of Serving Notice as A Condition Precedent for an Extension of Time Claim - As a Contractor, are you aware that serving a written notice for an Extension of Time (EOT) is vital? In this article, we have addressed the importance and impact of serving a Notice of Delay as a condition precedent so that Contractor would not waive his contractual rights for an EOT entitlement. Further, we have incorporated a recent case law which demonstrated that a contractual condition precedent can be waived by conduct. Learn More

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